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Homeowner Stories

“We have a warm, beautiful, decent home to live in and watch our children grow in. It is one of the best things that could ever happen to anyone.”
-The Bryans


Wysteria White
I lived in a trailer. It was really tiny. We didn’t have any room to really do anything. I had two couches. My six-year old son, Darion, had a twin bed in his bedroom. That’s really all it had room for. We couldn’t even put a dresser in there. I chose to bring him into this world, so I wanted to raise him in a home and a trailer wasn’t a suitable home. A Habitat home is something he can grow up in and I took part in building and he did as well and we can be proud that this is our home.

Kathy Earp
The day before Christmas we moved in our home. I wanted my two grandsons to wake up in it Christmas morning. I put them to bed and I sat there for hours. I would run back and forth to check on them. I thought, “Stop it, feel it, feel this.” It was warm and nice. The boys went to bed with t-shirts and shorts on for the first time.

There is no doubt in my mind, every two-by-four, every nail every piece of tape was put in with love from strangers. People I never got to meet, people I did meet that didn’t know us. It had to be built with love from the heart.

The Walsh Family
Ryan and Melinda Walsh applied for a Habitat home around November of 2001. Friend and fellow Habitat homeowner, Kathy Hayes, told the Walshes about Habitat, and even went with Melinda to pick up an application.

The Walshes note many differences between their Habitat home and their former residence. The family now has more space and each of their daughters has their own room. Ryan and Melinda are happy that they have a permanent place to raise their children and a place to call home.

Melinda said, “We just want to thank everyone at Habitat for being so wonderful to help our family. We will never be able to say in words the thanks that Habitat and all the volunteers deserve. We really enjoy our new home, and knowing that our children have a place to call home and grow up in is a wonderful feeling!”

The Rubios
Milo and Gloria Rubio moved to the High Country 11 years ago, along with their 3 daughters from a small town outside of Mexico City. Since moving to the area, the family has become very involved with the High Country Amigos. They also attend church at St. Elizabeth’s Parrish.

Ivette, one of the Rubio’s daughters, noted that, “Owning a home was one of the dreams my dad had for us.” Nadia, another one of the Rubio’s daughters said, “It’s taken a long time and a lot of work, but it’s finally come true.”

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